About the Photographer

Hi, I'm Linda Wilson, a professional portrait photographer with a degree in photography, specializing in babies and children. I'm 47 years old, but at only 4'10" some don't believe me. I'm married to a hard working roofer, and together we have 2 grown children. I have a pet bird who talks, and believe it or not, I have 8 pet bunnies! My studio is located in Longwood, Florida, where I photograph lots of babies & children, maternity & newborn portraits. I also photograph families, business portrait head-shots, couples, pets, high school seniors. I have a very large variety of props and backgrounds in my studio offering unique, custom sessions for all. I offer 3 different "Baby Plan" options, a child's "Watch Me Grow" plan, and even a "Maternity Progression Plan."

In 2002, I received an AS Degree in Photography from Daytona Beach Community College. I am always continuing my education, attending classes at workshops, conventions, & online too. I've been a longtime member of the Professional Photographers of Central Florida (PPCF) where I have won several merits & awards including "Best of Show" and "Top Ten Photographer" of the year a couple times. I have also been a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and Florida Professional Photographers (FPP). I was awarded "Thumbtack's Best of 2015" & "Best 10 Head-shot Photographers of 2016" awards, and I was awarded one of the "Best 20 Orlando Newborn Photographers" by Expertise a few times, which is such an honor!

I learned photography taking mostly nature photos on traditional black & white film. I used to hand roll, process, and develop the film myself, then printed each and every print by hand for countless hours in my darkroom. This process taught me so much about light, shadow, & contrast, and then when I moved to color printing, that taught me even more about color correction, tones, & more. I really loved the darkroom, and swore I'd never go digital; plus I loved nature photography and swore I'd never do portraits or weddings, and I definitely didn't want a studio. But funny how things change! I now have done it all (and like it too!) God knew his plans for me for sure. My photography instructors always said how I would be so good with photographing children but I didn't believe it! Yet all the sudden one day, I wanted nothing more than to have a studio to photograph babies and children! It's like I had been pregnant with the idea for years but didn't know it. After my first "maternity and newborn" workshop, I was hooked! I have come to truly appreciate digital processing and all it has to offer, as the possibilities for creativity are now endless. And I thoroughly love photographing babies & children. I have fun playing "dress up" with your adorable children, and I love designing new sets. I currently do everything for my business, from start to finish. I even enjoy the digital enhancing which I swore I'd never do, lol. My studio keeps me very busy but I love it so much, and I enjoy providing quality, unique portraits for all of my clients. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your family's memory making. :)

About the Studio

My Studio is Located at 1675 E.E. Williamson Rd, Longwood, Florida 32779. It's very close to the I-4/434 exit, just off Markham Woods Rd. It's very large with a total of 9 rooms! Most of those rooms are used to store my huge prop and set collection. I have about 150 backdrops, tons of faux floors, and a prop collection that's hard to describe! I have several racks full of fancy dresses and costumes, lots of baby outfits, wraps, tutus, headbands, hats, ties, and more! I love designing new sets and also have lots of specialty backdrops for specific themes, such as Fairies, Pirates, Disney movies, and more! Almost every prop you'll see in my galleries both here and on my Facebook page is mine. Ask about any specific theme you are interested in doing...chances are I have it! 

Direction to the studio:

From I-4 East, exit 434 & turn left; 

OR From 1-4 West, turn right on 434

…Then turn right at the next traffic light on Markham Woods Rd. Follow it down until you come to the very next traffic light and turn right on EE Williamson. My studio is down about 1 block on right…

From Oviedo area, head north on 434, turn right on Rangeline Rd. Follow it down to the end, and turn left onto EE Williamson. Once you cross over the I-4 bridge, it’s just down on the left, right after you pass the vet & daycare…

It’s in a big tan building about a block east of Markham Woods Rd. (Little side street where you turn into parking lot is called Shariff Ct.) There is an Auto Repair shop in the back, and a Dry Cleaners at the front corner. Then you'll see the Dog Groomer, and then my studio, which is directly behind the big sign out front…my door is facing the main road (EE Williamson) just to the right of the 2 big windows with white vinyl lettering. When you turn in, turn immediately left into the bigger parking lot. Come down towards the end, and you can park right by my front door. Just look for my dark purple Mazda with my name on back, and you can block me in if needed.

If you get lost, just give me a text or call: 407-810-0386


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